I love the brief moments with my daughter as I take her to all her weekend morning activities. But sometime it can feel like I am a part time chaufer. Make sure to spend a bit of time in the morning to take care of yourself with a workout and a good meal before taking on the day.

For a lot of you, and certainly for me, Saturday and Sunday mornings are generally spent transporting my daughter to her activities, and basically waiting around for a couple of hours for her to finish. It’s a privilege that I get to spend time with her and it’s good for her as well.

But in order to leverage weekends so that it’s still positive, productive and fun, it’s always important to try and get a workout first thing in the morning. Get a good meal in first thing in the morning as well. And basically set yourself up for the rest of the day and the rest of the weekend. That way, even if you’re spending a lot of time just hanging out in your car or a cafe waiting for your kid to be done with whatever activities they are in, at least you set yourself up for a good start for that day.

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