Mary, a 74-year-old flight attendant, was suffering from meniscus tears in both of her knees. One tear had been troubling her for nine years, and the other was more recent, combined with a displaced kneecap. Before starting her treatment, she could barely walk, making her job very difficult.

Battling Knee Issues

Mary attended a presentation by Dr. Tambar at Whole Foods the year before her treatment. She kept his information for a year, knowing she wanted to avoid surgery. Confident in the procedure’s success, Mary decided to go ahead with it.

The Procedure

Mary’s treatment involved three parts:

  1. PRP Injection: The first procedure.
  2. Stem Cell Bone Marrow Extraction and PRP Injection: A week later.
  3. Another PRP Injection: The final step.

Since then, the procedure has slightly changed, but Mary felt almost instant relief in her knees.

Remarkable Results

Mary’s success with her knees has been 100%. She now has perfect knees with no pain whatsoever. She credits a significant part of her recovery to continuous physical therapy.

Mary describes Dr. Tambar as one of the finest human beings on the planet. He explains every step before performing it, making the process more comfortable. She frequently speaks highly of him because of the tremendous help he has provided. Mary is thrilled with the procedure and would continue it for the rest of her life if it promised improvement.

Mary’s journey from barely being able to walk to having perfect knees showcases the incredible impact of Dr. Tambar’s procedure and the importance of physical therapy in recovery.

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