Injury and Initial Treatment

Barbara injured her right knee while biking, leading to significant pain and limited mobility. Initially, she underwent a PRP procedure for her right knee, which resulted in about 20 percent improvement. Given the limited progress, Dr. Tambar recommended escalating to a stem cell treatment.

The Stem Cell Treatment Process

A year ago, she underwent the three-step process involving prolotherapy, stem cells, and PRP over the course of about 10 days. Despite her initial concern about extracting stem cells from her hip, she found the pain to be minimal, rating it about 2 out of 10. She experienced some soreness in her hips afterward, but it was manageable. In the afternoon, Dr. Tambar administered the injections.

The first 24 hours following the stem cell injections were challenging, with her knee swelling significantly and causing considerable pain. She took pain medications every four to five hours during this period. However, after the initial 24 hours, the pain decreased significantly. She wore a knee brace for several weeks, and her knee progressively improved, allowing her to increase her mobility.

Year of Recovery and Improvement

Before the treatment, her knee pain was so severe that she couldn’t walk more than half a block and had to use carts in grocery stores. This was a significant change for her, as she had always been active, enjoying biking and walking. The realization of the extent of arthritis in her knees was a shock.

Results and Recommendation

Now, her knees are doing great. Her left knee is about 90 percent better, and her right knee is about 80 to 85 percent better. She highly recommends PRP and stem cell injections as an effective alternative approach to joint health.

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