Prolotherapy 1st Principles


Regenerative medicine has come along a tremendous ways the last 10 to 15 years. And yet one of the key principles involved is prolotherapy. Prolotherapy has been around for decades. Prolotherapy is not a product; it’s not a technique. It is a skill, but more importantly, it’s a philosophical approach to care that is incredibly essential when it comes to regenerative medicine.

Specifically it’s understanding that the soft tissue and supportive structures around a joint are as important in terms of providing long-term structure, stability, which then eventually gives better long-term relief of pain and improvement in function.

If you’re seeing a physician for regenerative medicine treatment, and the approach your treatment has been to strictly inject the joint, you’re likely not getting a prolotherapy approach.

A prolotherapy approach generally involves injecting multiple additional soft tissue structures in terms of ligaments, muscles, tendons, meniscus, other soft tissue structures. Prolotherapy, it’s key, as advanced as regenerative medicine is moving, without that initial key understanding, you’re not gonna get as good of a treatment response. Prolotherapy, keep it in mind