Two Patients on Labor Day


In my clinic, we are off for the holiday weekend. Both my parents are visiting from out of town, which means I have two patients that need to be treated today. So, for some backstory, both my parents are in their early-70s. They’re both very physically active. My dad still runs marathons and my mother still runs 10Ks. So, every once in a while, they have a musculoskeletal issue that needs to be tuned up and treated so they can keep at their highly-active lifestyle, whether that’s an occasional PRP treatment, prolotherapy treatment. In this case this weekend, it was a combination of prolotherapy/neuroprolotherapy.

I’m the only one in clinic, so that’s what we went with today. The goal being that can we keep them running and physically active and enjoying their life? Without a doubt, the best part of being a doctor is that you can help people and they appreciate that, and it’s a really great feeling. And it’s really, really extra special when you can help friends and family to maintain that high level of activity so that they can keep on living the life and quality of life and functional life that makes them happy and makes life worth living.