JoAnn, 57, shares how a series of events led her to Regenexx in Chicago following an accident that caused torsion ligaments. Despite seeing a foot doctor, her ankle wasn’t healing. Unsatisfied with traditional treatments, JoAnn sought a more innovative approach.

Discovering Stem Cell Therapy

Through extensive research and YouTube videos, JoAnn learned about stem cell therapy and regenerative treatments. She discovered Regenexx, which uses stem cells from the patient’s own body. This approach resonated with her, so she reached out to the Chicago Arthritis staff, and the rest is history.

Building Confidence with Chicago Arthritis

JoAnn’s main concerns were the healing time and the protocol she needed to follow. Meeting the knowledgeable staff at Chicago Arthritis, especially Dr. Tambar, who answered all her questions, boosted her confidence significantly.

Preparing for the Procedure

JoAnn prepared diligently for her procedure. She understood the process, including prolotherapy and stem cell harvesting, and followed the recommended protocol. This included eliminating gluten, taking supplements, and even adding cacao powder to her coffee to boost stem cell production.

Successful Treatment

During the procedure, JoAnn was thrilled with the healthy draw of stem cells, especially considering her age. The preparation paid off, and she felt grateful for the wealth of information available that guided her through the process.

JoAnn’s story is a testament to the benefits of research, preparation, and the expertise of the Chicago Arthritis team. Her positive experience with Regenexx highlights the potential of innovative treatments in improving patient outcomes.

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