Cold Alert! Keep Exercising.

It’s cold and snowy in the Midwest! What are you doing to stay physically active? Alter and adjust and keep moving forward.

The last two weeks here in Chicago it’s been incredibly cold, snowy and icy. If you’re like me, you may have a pretty regimented consistent exercise regimen that you do day in, day out. Every day that I commute to work, I see a whole lot of people who are cycling to work as well. Obviously with the cold weather, not too many cyclists are on the road now.
I can imagine that as change occurs it throws off your normal workout regimen. I know for me if I go on vacation or take a couple of days off, it really throws things off. With the weather change it’s a really great opportunity to reassess and redo how you decide to work out for the winter time. You can look at change as a negative that throws things off and you can’t get back to your normal routine. Or you can look at change as an opportunity to reset and redo what your doing, which is good for your health, body, and mindset. Exercise that stresses your body in different ways is healthy and prodcutive.

In my case, I really enjoy swimming. Fortunately the gym that I belong to has an indoor pool and for the next few months I plan to get into a swimming routine that will help to stress my body in different ways, let me change up my exercise in a positive way, and allow me to continue to stay physically active during the winter.

So while it’s super cold and challenging right now here in the Midwest, it’s also a really great opportunity to change, adapt, and continue to grow.


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